There’s nothing better than putting together a project to S7NLEE unless it’s *****.

Something in the minor key approaches this July as S7NLEE releases his third retail album entitled, MINOR KEYZ. Looking to expand his featured artist pool. Always keeping his sound bed dark and head knocking. Something you can expect from the Chicago producer. He reaches out to new upcoming artists like Sophie S, Trey Dilla, Fitzptheo and ILLA. While staying close to home as well with Mac Millie, Race Bannon and Chise Up.

Entitled Minor Keyz because throughout his adventures in production. He has always been known to create within the minor range of the musical scale. Often compared as the more spooky or serious chord in music. Of which is nothing new when it comes to hiphop. Hiphop has always had that edge to it. No surprise that Mac Millie got the first eerie hiphop induced single/leak, “Ice Cream Mann”. A track Pusha T would kill if giving the chance.

S7N channels the story of Mozart, using several audio inserts from the movie Amadaus. A movie that left a big impression on him in his youth. in fact everything is drenched with the movie Amadaus, artwork wise.