Mac Millie

Mac Millie doing what he does best, create music!

Heavily working in the MADDLABB Studio’s on Chicago’s south side with composer and producer, S7NLEE.  Mac’s new project is entitled “Lyrical Autonomy”. With this offering, Mac concentrates more on his song melodies. Something that he and S7NLEE thought they lacked at times. That’s when up and coming producer Fitzptheo, invited the artist Cell to sit in on one of Mac’s sessions. Once Cell began singing, they lost it! Lol, An exceptional talent!  Every trax S7NLEE played, he had a melody for, backed with lyrics.  He’s a special one with great energy. Mac instantly took a liking too. It’s dope to create with a talent like that. Plus they sound good together.

Cell is featured on three of the songs on Lyrical Autonomy. All are single worthy. “Bagg Lady”, “Catch A Vibe” and “F***ing With U”. All single worthy. But the whole project is hit-bound. This time around S7NLEE didn’t produce everything. Longtime friend Dra-Matic, produced the majority. He might have sent Mac over 50 tracks to choose from.  And from the sound of things, he chose wisely. With so many tracks sent to him. Lyrical Autonomy is only a 10 song album. He wanted to keep things subtle, but unique. Fitzptheo produced the infectious “Para Mi”, featuring Kylima. The album also features R&B crooner, J Trav, Classic, and Ecka. Making her debut on the song, “No Disrespect”. Lyrical Autonomy available on all platforms.

Go hear the independence now!