Mac Millie | PIE (Persuade • Inform • Entertain)

After many months of back to back recordings. Countless hours of meetings, composing traxx, writing sessions and sitting through hours of back and forth listening of song after song. These two right here have come up with the final makings of Mac Millie’s new project, PIE (Persuade, Inform, Entertain). A 14 song masterpiece in their eye’s and mind. And it is special!

No date has been set as of yet. But you can possibly see it moving around late September/October. Still many things to be done with PIE. It will actually be Mac’s first all original music project. No covers or beat jacking on this piece. Solely composed & produced by MADDMANN-PRODUCTIONZ and Gothic Soul Entertainment in house producer, S7NLEE.  I won’t mention the features now.


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